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"I'm sorry that I'm away from my device. Please leave me a message and I will get back to you when I can."


[open for voice, text, video, or shared files.]

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WELL THAT'S EMBARRASSING my bad i'm an idiot

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It's odd. I've always believed my own world's religion was flawed. I thought anything else would be better. But something like that... I'm not sure if it's better or worse.

I suppose that must sound awfully childish. I'm just not certain how I feel about the idea of guardians leaving. It's too human.
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well laughing IS the point of joke tag so success?? AND YEAH HE SHOULD mythical gossip let's go

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Well, that's a relief. I'd hardly like to offend my sole friend so soon.
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ancient bitches of orange county: a new reality tv show coming this fall

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Flattering, but optimistic. I fear the most anyone thinks of me is as an idiot and my crew largely sees me as an annoyance. Not that I can blame them after what happened but it makes friendship rather difficult.
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I did some impromptu surgery on my neck. I was curious. I wanted to test the augment. And to my credit, I went fairly deep. Though they still had to come patch me up. I look at it as team bonding.
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Helped with the stabbing or the fixing?

I'll have to include you on my next reckless act. To make up for it.
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You know lately I have had a surplus in people wanting to stab me. Is there something in the air?

I'll try not to disappoint.