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"I'm sorry that I'm away from my device. Please leave me a message and I will get back to you when I can."


[open for voice, text, video, or shared files.]

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text, obviously

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If this is how it feels to be entangled in a web, I don't think I mind. Your warning was unwarranted.
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I did. Foolishly. It seems you have a penchant for lying. I was relieved to hear it, in that case.

He did give me the oddest look, though. I think he might have thought I fancied them.

Never did get to learn how it would work. Oh, well.
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Perhaps I'm simply unaccustomed, then. Friendships are a new concept.

Why would it be likely? He hardly seems a deviant.
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I can assure you that none of what you said was reassuring in the slightest.

[And yet he's still smiling.]

Though I suppose the mystery is rather thrilling.
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And I do love you for it. Even if I'm near dying from curiosity. At least give me a clue.
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[there's that word again. Unlike with Robin, this time fills him with trepidation. It felt like there was a wrong answer, a careful line to tread.]

I'd like it if we were. Would it be wrong of me to say yes?
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No. Not about this.
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Then that's what all this was? Teasing?

[Affection? It's an odd idea but not an unpleasant one. Better than the alternatives, by far. He struggles to write the next message, but only in order to make it sound... a bit less formal.]

I guess I could try that out. But you might have to be patient. I'll likely forget myself.
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So, does this mean no clue?
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The eyes were a bit of a tip. It means something in my world though it seems unlikely now.
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Eye colors change depending on the god one hosts. Sometimes they're natural colors, sometimes they're pink. Or gold. Or black.

Something tells me that's not the case with you.
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[Interesting. So it's the same between worlds.]

Is that my cue to guess?

[He laughs as he writes it.]

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Yes. Hearts are pinkish. Sort of. In an abstract way.

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