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"I'm sorry that I'm away from my device. Please leave me a message and I will get back to you when I can."


[open for voice, text, video, or shared files.]

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text, obviously

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If this is how it feels to be entangled in a web, I don't think I mind. Your warning was unwarranted.
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You told Mattias I was into tentacles, huh.
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[walk up to the club like WHAT UP I got a big problem with making out with strangers.

I mean he walks into the cargo hold, looking too pleased with himself.]
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So, as a girl, how much can you stalk a person before it stops being cute and starts being creepy?
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I want to talk to you, somewhere private.

When's good for you?
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text; hours after the jove incident

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While I will admit that my comment was poorly-chosen, I still find it grating that Jove is apparently over killing you.
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text + picture attachment; sometime in august

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[Attached is the following picture, snapped and compressed and sent to Tek's device.]

[And a text message!]


Let me know which setting you prefer. The first setting has room for a small accompanying gem, like a diamond or something. If you would rather have something plainer then there is the second one.

I'm also open to ideas.

-- H.
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[Cole conveniently docked the Pathstone with the Blue Fish, so Beverly takes advantage of Cole's wanderings to come talk to Tek. You know, about that whole being a dragon thing. He ought to know that she knows, right? It is the first time she has been on his ship, and isn't exactly certain where to find him, but his "office" seems as good of a place to start as any. She will knock softly on the door.]

Tek? It's me, Beverly.
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post attack things because I don't want to clutter the one post >:E

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[After the attack, after Jove has checked on each of their crewmates, she seeks out Tek and isn't entirely surprised to find him glowering into space as though the power of his annoyance alone could solve all their problems. When she comes up beside him, she lays a gentle hand on his back and looks out the window too.]

What do you think will come next?
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text; forward-dated several days

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Guess who left again.
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[The message had been a touch strange, and JUST about interesting enough to get Crowley from doing whatever inane thing he was preoccupied with before (probably sleeping) and head to the waystation.

Once there, he wanders around to where Tek said to meet him, this better be GOOD.
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[he does his best to minimize the damage on Beverly's end, but he knows that Tek isn't going to wait forever. he hurries back to the station proper as soon as he thinks he can manage, and starts searching for his ticking time-bomb of a friend.

...which he thought would be much easier than it is. he's got to be around somewhere, right? where the fuck does this guy have to hide?]
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In person

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[Crowley fights with Tek and shortly after, Cole appears. He's quiet, but makes enough noise that Tek is aware of his approach.

He's also got a bottle of liquor from somewhere. It might be stolen from Crowley's stash, hard to say.

He offers the bottle out wordlessly.]
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