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Who: Fie Claussell & You
Broadcast: Yes
Action: On Planet and/or Iskaulit
When: September 17th, early afternoon

[Since the news of impending doom's spread, Fleeters are doing their best (or okayest) to get citizens off the planet, and Fie's doing some work of her own. A random planet dweller here or there is fine, but her focus is mostly elsewhere. Since she's limited in her abilities right now--thanks lack of ARCUS quartz-- she sticks to what she can deal with well: plants.

Anyone on the planet or aboard the Iskaulit for a period of extended time, might notice Fie popping in and out with different bundles of supplies each time. Eventually, on the planet, she stops to sit somewhere (hopefully) out of the way to address her concerns.]

I've gathered as many plant samples and seeds as I can find for now, and I've temorarily set them up on the garden on the Iskaulit. From what I saw of the farming here, we could likely set it up on a few of the bigger ships, but the machine parts are sizable-- too big for several normal humans to carry comfortably. Maybe disassembling it would be easier...

Is anyone free to help with that? Or are people already focused on it? If there's something organized already, I want to help.


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Who: Kaidan Alenko
Broadcast: Fleetwide video!
Action: Vaguely planetside, if desired
When: Today!

[The second Kaidan turns on the feed, the sound is distant and barely controlled chaos. He's moved into a side room near one of the space ports in the area, and the air is filled with the buzzing and chiming of a great many comm feeds going off in rapid succession, the constant chatter of traffic controllers almost a drone of noise over the top of it all. In addition, the noise outside can just be made out - the terrified shouting of civilians and the low whir and roar of engines as shuttles come and go.

Kaidan doesn't look scared at all. Strained, at best, but his gaze on the camera is one of steely focus.

I've done what I can to reach out the Lyukite military to help coordinate their efforts down here. I'm sure most of the captains are ready and willing to lend their ships, but if we deploy our shuttles we can double our efforts.

I need a count of how many operational shuttles we have in the fleet, their capacity, and the names of a pilot for each that's willing to do some heavy duty for the next couple of days, and then I'll patch that list over to the command center down here so they can add us to the schedule of evacuation and supply runs.

The more smoothly this runs, the better.

I've had to stand by and watch a world get destroyed because I couldn't do anything about it. [His voice cracks, just a little] But not this time. Not a chance.
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Who: Dezel and you
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Lyuku, Malum.
When: Anytime up to the 21st.


[A rough voice, unaccustomed to talking too much, but distinctive in its grumpiness.]

Animals need to be evacuated, too. Don't forget about them.

[And also:]

There are drinks at the Malum if you need to take a break. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Dying foolishly doesn't make you a hero, it makes you an idiot.

[Not that it'll dissuade any of these people.]


[action; lyuku]

[Dezel's always had a way with animals, so he's mostly found rounding up livestock and pets that were forgotten about. Whether they're fluffy or scaly, he finds a place for them. After a couple hours he has a collection of tiny birds and reptiles all nestled into his jacket or his hat, but it doesn't slow him down any.

Some people might see a random line of livestock walking down the road. Others might see a shade carrying a little girl with a bandaged ankle (or perhaps she is floating). The girl keeps crying incoherently for her mother. And so, Dezel turns to you, whether you're familiar to him or not. He flips open his comm to help echo his voice.]

Her mother should be looking for her. Let's split up.

[Crewmates and anyone with regular business at the Malum, where he works, should be able to see him-- but at the very least, he can be heard through the communicator.]

[action; malum]

[Seraphim don't need to sleep, not really, and far be it from Dezel to take a nap while there's stuff going on. He goes back to the Malum instead. The food he makes is all hearty filling stuff that'll help keep people going, regardless of what the menu usually is pretentious plates with cherry tomatoes and a squiggle of sauce; the big batch of Space Pendrago Stew smells criminally good.

There's a discount if you order it with hard alcohol, which should encourage people to eat before going back out there.]

the veil is thin . . .

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[ On the night of the 16th, the feeling of tension and horrid anticipation comes to a head. Everything stops when the sun goes down-- even the ever-present music in the hoppingest part of the city center. One by one, everyone turns their eyes to the skies. The young and old alike pour out of their houses, some in bare feet, and they point to the velvety blanket of stars.

It takes a second to find it, especially if one is unaccustomed to the starscape. But even a casual observer can see it.

A brightly-shining star, larger than the others, and growing larger.

An announcement cuts across all communication channels that encourages people to evacuate to the space station, but it’s clear that these are just people and they’ll need some help. Supplies, equipment, organization, there’s something for everyone to do.

Civilization is disrupted by a panicked stampede of people vying for limited seats aboard spacefaring craft. Within hours, there will be crushed glass, looting, and chaos.

The clock is ticking. Will you help? Or would you rather watch the dying gasps of a Singing Planet from a safe distance? ]

[OOC: Please see this post for plot details. Phase two has begun! Feel free to use this post as a reaction post, mingle, etc. or make your own!]
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Who: Claire/Lightning Farron & Open.
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: No - unless you're on the Marsiva.
When: Evening.

(Maybe she has revoked calling herself "Lightning" too soon. Claire blows out an impressed and amused breath as she searches her new quarters. In space. That little detail is hard to forget as she walks by windows clearly showing the stars, bright and twinkling.

Pausing by one said window, a hand on her hip, she admires them. It's hard not to, really. They will always be beautiful even if the idea of their creation and the gods in general are...complicated. At least she knows Bhunivelze isn't responsible for this little interlude.

Flipping open her communicator, assessing the buttons and their various functions, she gives anyone watching a small sigh. Who can blame her, really? She thought she would get a longer break from reality bending oddities.)

Do I look familiar to anyone? (She isn't fond of just giving away her name to a bunch of potentially odd strangers. Unless...

Are we really back to that? Tilting her head, she blows her pink fringe out of her eyes.)
My name is Lightning and I don't remember signing up for this voyage.
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Who: Looma Red Wind
Broadcast: Audio; fleetwide
Action: Those aboard the Bishop; later, planetside
When: Backdated to the morning of the 10th

[Sent via the ship's intercom, and Audio to any member of the crew off-ship]

This is your captain. Based on what I have been able to gather from the Fleet's last encounters with these "singing planets" and the most recent case of enemy action, all crew members are to report planetside to the attached coordinates in twelve hours time.

You will be improving your familiarity with your assigned weapons. Those who lack training in close combat will be given an introductory course to better ensure their survival in the even of another attack. Rick Grimes will oversee your training, I will supervise and assist where able.

It is likely we will encounter hostilities in the near future. This is for your own safety, as I may not be able to personally intervene should you find yourself threatened. While I cannot compel everyone to attend, know that I can make your rescue a lower priority than those who bothered to present themselves for instruction.

[Audio: Transmitted to everyone else, via the Fleet's network]

This is Captain Looma Red Wind. By now, I am certain many of you are aware of these dreams we have been having, and the potential danger we may encounter on this planet as a result. I am also aware that many of you are not used to combat, or simply not accustomed to the use of the weapons available to you.

Any who wish for assistance in this matter- or who simply wish to resume their own training- are to report to the attached coordinates on the planet below in twelve hours time. Rick Grimes and I will be overseeing firearms instruction, as well as some manner of close combat training for those who have never seen battle. Depart early, as this will be some distance from the city, to avoid alarming the locals.

Additional assistance in munitions or personal combat training from experienced members of the fleet will be welcomed.

If your ship lacks an armory, or you are for any reason denied access to it, I will be bringing along the contents of the Bishop's armory and will permit their use when available.

[True to her word, attached are a set of coordinates for an area roughly 15 minutes outside the city proper. Partly because she was told that if she was going to do this at all, it needed to be far away from the civilian population- and partly because she did not want to risk anyone showing up to scream about whatever bad omens were associated with the color red, the number 4, and whatever other nonsense this superstitious bunch was capable of imagining.]

[Video] [Fleetwide]

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[So here is everyone's favorite gay clock with a Very Serious Look on his face. He has his small wooden hands braced on the counter in front of him, and behind him? Are the little cleaning bots in the bay area of the SS Wonderduck. They are clearly making as much space as possible.]

I am a magical ... cursed person, but I haven't had your dream. However, if this is all bodes to this plan-et being utterly destroyed, then I suggest we get organized as soon as possible to take as many of these people with us as possible.

[He sniffs, and takes out a clipboard.] I have come up with a ten part plan to organize and prepare us to share rations amongst us and the people we manage to bring with us, along with sleeping quarters and arrangements for bathing ... for as much bathing as you all do.

[Seriously he is a clean freak but you all bathe way, way too much.]

We should have more than enough water, that is not a concern. Women and children first, naturally. And ... hm. What am I forgetting?

[In a Cogsworth plan? Probably nothing. But feel free to suggest.]


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Who: Daeron
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Huntress
When: Evening 9/13

[The soft voice of one of the Huntress' resident elves pipes up one evening, mingling with the sound of a harp. Unlike his usual songs, as those who know him would realize, Daeron sings in the Common Tongue, and there's a clear note of wistful memory and almost joy.]

Her limbs were white,
Her hair like night,

[A rather horrid noise, now painfully familiar around the Huntress, interrupts and ends his song, and the feed- he might be a bit busy shutting the vuvuzela up to answer immediately!]
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Who: Takeshi
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Goldstone, if you want to find him! He's in the captain's quarters.
When: Now-ish!

[Takeshi is a bit more serious today; he thinks it's probably due, considering the state of uncertainty looming in the air. But he was morale officer on the Tranquility, and he's a captain now, even if he's not the best captain. He has to try and keep everyone on the same page. But... memories of his life before have tredged up some things, and he has to get them off his chest.]

Um... We've been talking a lot about the fleet and all the things happening or might be happening, and it's really important to... focus on that; we gotta make sure we're ready for anything that comes at us! Because if you're not ready, sometimes things get real hairy. Real dangerous. That's why I wanted to tell you about -- about the other ship I was on. It was called the Tranquility, and it was big; as big as the Marsiva, or maybe even bigger. We got brought there in special pods that had blue goo in them, and we had to get in them every month for a special jump.

A little while before I came here, the ship crashed and was stuck on a planet, and it wasn't a great planet. And I was sad, because I wanted to try and get everyone somewhere safer. Sometimes I hope we run into that planet, so if the people are still there... we can rescue them. Umm.

[Hoi Hoi the panda sits nearby, and he rubs the creature's ears in contemplation. His downcast stare reflects someone who is a bit older in experience than eight or nine; this is someone who has dealt with all manner of things, be it death or monsters or the natural elements. As hard as it is to look back on the rougher edges, it also reminds him of the smooth ones.]

... I haven't talked about it a lot. I guess part of me really, really misses it. The people there, I mean. The ship was... mean a lot, and bad things happened a lot, but I had people there I cared about a lot. We were all a big team, and we took care of each other. That's why I like the fleet so much... We all take care of each other, too.

[A breath, held, and then released.]

... My parents were on the Tranquility, before it crash landed on the planet. My mom's name was Heather Mason, and my father was called Netherlands... and they disappeared before the planetfall... back to their homes. I loved them so much that I didn't want to love anymore people after them. I tried for a while not to think about them, either, but I realized it hurt more to try not thinking about them. And it hurt to try not to be close to people again. But they did... a lot for me, and I miss 'em every day.

And I had friends there, too. And people I saw every day, even if I didn't talk to them much; we all expected to see each other. I have that here now, too. Good friends and people I see every day. And I'm always afraid that our ships are gonna get into trouble, are gonna crash, too. That's why I'm asking everyone to be careful and, um, watch each other's backs.

[He gives pause.]

There's more people here like me, though, huh? People who're from other places.

Places that weren't home. What were those places like? I always wondered. And I always wanted to ask people about them, or if they remember people like me. There's lots of people here that I knew from the Tranquility; I never said anything, because I didn't want to make people nervous 'bout being there and not remembering it. Sometimes it's scary when you can't remember, or when it sounds like there's more than one of you.

But if you want... If you wanna know if I knew you from then, just ask, and I'll be honest.

Or -- if you wanna know if I knew someone you care about... I can tell you the people who were there, if it's something you'd wanna know. And if you never ever wanna know because it's hard to think about, I'll -

[He makes a zipping motion at his mouth.]

I wanna be open 'bout stuff, because I'm a captain, and that's what I need to be:

Honest with my team.

So... um, thanks...!

I love you guys, too.

First Spell ☠ Video & Action

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Who: Dorian Pavus & You!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Lyuku & Marsiva
When: 9/13

[ Waking up in an unfamiliar place surrounded by unfamiliar things is certainly high on the list of disturbing things Dorian has experienced, on par with seeing a future that should never exist. It takes little time to figure this communicator business out, and somehow, he knows how to operate it despite never having seen it. Mark number two for 'this place is disturbing'. After a while, he opens the communicator and turns on the video feed. That is a very well-manicured mustache.. ]

From what I understand, and feel free to correct if I'm mistaken, but we've been spirited away by a seemingly-benevolent entity. Furthering that, we are given information that, by all accounts, should be impossible, yet here we are!

[ This entire tirade is complimented by a wide flourish, gesturing to his surroundings. ]

What, you thought that was simply the beginning? Turns out, we visit entirely different places, and this one happens to have something happening to it. A might convenient, I daresay. Oh, but let's not forget, we're entertainment! Steal the spotlight, win the show and get to leave. Sounds simple enough, but has this actually happened to anyone you are aware of?

[ The streets are colorful, if not a bit crowded, but not unpleasant. It's difficult to not want to spend hours winding through the stalls of the bazaar. He has a few credits to spend, but Dorian doesn't feel the immediate need to part with them in case there is something that strikes his fancy at the end. However, that won't stop him from browsing and trying to get a better deal. Maybe he stops to feed a strawberry to one of those dragonesque lizards. Definitely not picking it up, though. It can stay right where it is. He could also be found perusing the more mystical wares- tables of crystals and bottled herbs that he's absolutely unfamiliar with but intrigued by. ]

Fortune Telling;;
The beck and call of a few extra credits doesn't elude him, though really he doesn't see how he has the 'look' of a fortune teller- and he would have had half a mind to be offended had she meant anything by it. The orange-skinned woman had wanted a bit of shut eye, so Dorian finds himself sitting under a canopy surrounded by lots of musty tapestry and gleaming strands of beads. The crystal ball and stack of cards could be laughable. If he weren't superb at being incredibly charming. ]

I have a good sense about your future, care for a reading?

[ Hit Dorian up with something else! On the Marsiva, seeing the sights? Sure! ]

[ooc note: those who wish to make TDM threads canon and want to continue, feel free!]

► 00_01/.

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Who: Jacqli and YOU!!
Broadcast: Yes - fleetwide
Action: If you want - aboard the Marsiva

[ New kid on the hospitality deck! After establishing that she can't simply disappear from this place and reappear in not actually space the Astral Plane, she really only has one thing she even wants to bother to ask of the network at large.

She turns on the video feed, and looks very, very unimpressed - bored, even. ]

If anyone knows about The Machine as it relates to the Astral Plane, or a very specific shop, respond to this.

[ There's a long pause. ... Okay, okay, fine, she should probably also say something borderline nice. Ugh. ]

... In the absence of such knowledge, I guess someone could tell me what planet that is outside, and why it sounds like a nervous pop star.

Here fishie fishie fishie...

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Who: The Blue Fish crew and any visitors
Broadcast: possibly?
Action: Definitely
When: Throughout the month of September

[Four new crew members and three long timers now occupy the Blue Fish. Whether you wanna introduce yourself or casually stroll in to see how the ship's faring, here's the mingle to do it.]
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Who: Alphinaud and you!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Goldstone, Lyuku
When: Anytime between 9/9 and 9/16

[action; ss goldstone]

he broke the microwave already )


[A boy of about sixteen with a very posh accent decides to invest in finally using the communicator. The background is very colorful, to say the least; he's standing in an alley near a very noisy bazaar.]

Assuming this fabled contraption works... greetings all. My name is Alphinaud. Having been apprised of the current situation, I cannot say I enjoy it any more than one could enjoy a kidnapping, dancing and parties notwithstanding.

Something is making me very uneasy about this place and I cannot fathom the precise reason. I am not one to ignore my instincts, however. I read back and saw a mention of something coming, perhaps, though what that thing is has yet to be elaborated on.

A clearer explanation of the issue would be appreciated. No need to be concise, here; I am of a mind to take notes.

And if by chance any of you have heard tell of a realm called Eorzea, I pray you do not remain silent.

[action - lyuku]

[He's a little overwhelmed, sure, and he's far from home without resources or anyone else to depend on. But he knows his weaknesses... He knows he tends to depend on the Warrior of Light a little too much. So Alphinaud steels himself and he rolls up his sleeves, determined to do a little menial labor if it will earn his keep.

To the surprise of no one, he's especially good at math. The calculations required to map the stars and predict their movements are somewhat familiar to him, having been raised in Sharlayan in the Studium. He's not prone to fortune telling, though, so he runs various errands as an astronomer's assistant at the observatory. Sometimes he's carrying huge maps that are as big as he is and rolled up like proclamations, but a few times he's running a sweet coffee beverage instead.]

[Armed with a little more coin and a lot of pent-up energy, Alphinaud takes to hiking up the thousand steps of Yanti Rock. It's a beautiful view-- breathtaking, really-- and he almost goes for his sketchbook. But he's also exhausted, panting and half-keeled over with his hands on his knees. Other tourists may be enjoying the view too. He is ruining it with noise.]

I-- [huff huff] -- I only counted six hundred and thirty seven steps, but that is -- [phew] -- quite enough, I think. Vertical steps are not steps at all but ladders, and-- t'would be fair for them to learn it... a few times... in this heat...

[He is having Regrets.]

[Accost him while he's looking at funky glowing tarot cards or any other manner of things. Pick a dialogue option that'll have him embarrassed to talk to you. The choice is yours.]

◉ Video + Action

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Who: Clint "Hawkeye" Barton and you's all
Broadcast: Video
Action: Introductions on The Caprine, Katie-waiting on the Blameless and dog-walking aboard the Iskaulit
When: Action immediately following the shuffle, video in the days after.

Action | The SS Caprine, the SS Blameless and then the Iskaulit

[Immediately after the shuffle, Clint spends some time milling around on SS Caprine, knocking on doors or on the walls beside entranceways, poking his head in places. New ship, new faces. Does anyone on this ship play the drums at odd hours of the night? Is that a thing he should worry about? Do the kitchens have coffee? What's the space-mold situation in the corners of these space-rooms? Inquiring minds must know. Inquiring minds wearing standard-issue jump-suits.

But Clint stays off the network for a little while. Why? Because he wants to find Kate Bishop in person, first. That feels important to him -- not to settle for firing off a quick text message. After all, back home, it would be putting the situation mildly to say that they don't hang out as much as they used to. He hopes to find her still billeted on the Blameless... and... Okay. she's gone when he gets there, but Lucky is sleeping on her bed. In the Captain's room. So that answers that, and more besides. After a brief and joyful reunion with much shushing and good-boying Clint opts to knock out two birds with one stone and takes Lucky for a walk on the Iskaulit in case the Hawkeye to his Hawkeye should happen to be hanging out there.

Of course, since she's not there, he doesn't find her. And when Lucky tires Clint returns to the Blameless, again (weirdly, it feels less like trespassing to loiter here than on his own ship, and he feels less guilty drinking the coffee from Kate's kitchen than his own now that his own kitchen is on a strange ship full of strangers.) Finally, when at last he feels his welcome is being overstayed, Hawkeye retires to Kate's room to await her there.]


[In the days that follow, feel free to contact him remotely. For his part, Clint does address the fleet with a short- ]


This is Clint Barton, here to help with all your bow-and-or-arrow based needs. I've been here before, as some of you know. It's been about ...

[He looks at his hand, and the back at the camera.]

Five months?

So, what did I miss.

((ooc: if anyone should want to incorporate/continue CR from the test drive, by all means. It would have taken place while he was walking Lucky on the Iskaulit. That's canon now!))


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Who: Maedhros & Open!
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: On Huntress.
When: Early afternoon.

(Maedhros can do a lot of things. He is a patient leader, a phenomenal warrior, a devoted brother, however there is one arena in which he does not excel. He could blame it on his lack of a right hand - mechanical replacement or not - but he will not sink so low. There is a white powder in his hair - flour? - and smoke. Too much smoke.)

Does anyone know where we keep the fire extinguisher?

(Ah, no, wait. He finds it and lifts it into his hands, puzzling over how to use it.)

The instructions are less than clear... (The kitchen might burn down at this point. Send help!)
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Who: Anders and Open
Broadcast: Yes
Action: On the Bishop, if desired
When: Thirty seconds after being shuffled onto the ship

[The feed turns on and it's clear Anders has barely just arrived on his new ship as there's still some confetti in his hair he has yet to brush off or pick out. He's clearly on the move, however, as the hallways of the Bishop move behind him on his way to the Med Lab.]

Right, I need to take some inventory: there was a greenhouse on the Iskaulit that held some medicinal herbs, if anyone knows, has it been maintained? [Maker knew if Hermione were still around, he'd really had yet to even check who was still around.] And, similarly, there was a smaller herb garden in the cargo bay of the Twin Roses, is that still there?

[He pauses as something occurs to him and he gives a wry smirk.] And, in my haste, I shouldn't be so rude, my apologies. I am Anders, a healer from Thedas. I imagine my store of potions from before is long gone, I intend to get started on more. If anyone has need of any potion in particular, please feel free to speak up, I'm more than willing to make whatever it might be.

[Assuming he knew how to make it or something like it, but his skill with herbalism wasn't something he took lightly.]

(no subject)

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Who: Billy Kaplan + OTA
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: The Blue Fish
When: Now!

( blue fish )

[...con... fetti? alright, that sure is a thing that just happened. Billy's used to teleporting, but it's never felt quite like this. so weird. everything about this is weird, weird, weird, and coming from him that's saying something.

Reaching around the back of his head, he pats awkwardly at where the augment rests, disturbed, and starts wandering through the halls of the ship. Might as well get acquainted, and maybe make sure he's not just super crazy right now. You never know, where he's from.]

( private; text to kate )

So are my powers busted or are you the only one here?

[Location spell went kinda haywire, whoops.]

( video; fleetwide )

Okay, so, ignoring that this is kind of awful and I hate that I apparently can't teleport myself home...

Any advice for first-timers? Can't say I've watched much reality TV back home. Um, barring that... what's some good places to visit off-ship if you've got like five cents to your name?

It's very, uh. Colourful here.

This Is What I Come Back To

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Who: Nami and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Bloodsport, Iskaulit, ze planet
When: 10 September


I'm back.  I don't suppose there's any good news?

[Short and sweet.  She already caught up on all the disaster shenanigans afoot.

If you want to catch her in person at all, she'll be either:

a) on the Bloodsport going through the network entries and being in a generally shitty mood;
b) at the Space Bar taking inventory and catching up on business;
c) organising and purchasing new supplies planetside for the bar like nothing is wrong; or
d) taking her waver out to sea at various points, for scouting and her own peace of mind.

Or wild card me up.  Take your pick.


Actually, she does come back to the network the next day.  She skimmed far enough to look at the dreams, and nearly lost the reference to Eleven's post.  Sister.  Waking up.

That's a dream to do with what's going on...?]


Who remembers the message we got from that last singing planet?

[Because there are some awfully relevant parts to it.]
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Who: Sam and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Bloodsport, Iskaulit, maybe even the planet. (Let me know if you have a wildcard!)
When: A while after Katie's post. Yikes!! Information on alerting locals also answered here.
Note: (There's a subthread where people can have their characters list their dream, if they'd like, but of course it's just for funsies.)

... Hey everyone, this is Sam.

I feel like we should get to this as soon as possible, so here I go: there's something coming, some force that's going to endanger this planet and the people on it. We've all been having the dreams -- dreams of pretty nasty things, too, I'm betting; I've kept track of some that I've seen on the network, and if I know this fleet by now, I know it's not just coincidence we're here.

[He shifts, glancing toward Katie's sleeping form; he's been a bit of a concerned guard dog, really, and it's hard not to be worried. He'd known... she had a problem with honesty, and now his fears are verified -- honesty might very well be a death sentence. That said, she was in good hands, and she's stable, healed.

... Still good to watch out for her, just in case. He clears his throat]

For anyone who's been trying to contact her, or has sent messages... Katie's going to be alright; she really strained herself there, but she's resting now, and I'll be keeping an eye out for her, to make sure she's okay. As for her network post... I put complete faith in her and her abilities, when she says that the planet is terrified -- and that danger's coming. Hell, the dreams we've had are all warnings, and it makes sense that a planet with an aura like this would have some sort of... mental link, with the people near it or on it.


I had a dream, too.

I knew it wasn't... just some dream, because I've had premonitions before. Dreams that come true. And there's something about them that you can't just shake, so I imagine you guys felt the same, that these weren't just your ordinary nightmares. In mine, I saw a calm planet, and I knew... I knew it wasn't what it looked like, that the calmness was a lie. I could hear it, this awful sound from the planet... and then I stood in a forest, suddenly, and I saw... beings, crouched and hidden. Hunting me.

And that was just what I got. Our combined dreams, they don't paint a good picture.

[He rubs a hand over his mouth, those little unhappy frown between his brows.]

I've been talking to the locals, trying to warn them. Some of them have been skeptical, but, um, I think with some work and a lot of voices, we can get them to consider that something very real and very deadly might be approaching this world... Please, if you can, talk to them. Warn them in any way you can. Even if this awful thing doesn't happen during our time here, it may very well happen when we leave.

They're people of superstition and have a strong spiritual compass, so our odds might be good.

[A pause.]

It seems like the Marsiva, the Atroma, it... keeps sending us to worlds that need some kind of help. This is just another notch in the belt, you know? The terraformers, the sickness on the water planet, and situations like this... I don't know what they're planning, or why they're sending us to these worlds. You'll never convince me that makes them noble, no matter what their intentions, and as much as I hate dancing to their tune, the safety of these civilians is something I can't turn a blind eye to right now.

Please let me know if you can help spread the word. I'm going to make an attachment where we can note what our dreams had in them, so we all are on the same page. You can find it below. If you hear anything from the locals, let me know and I can pass it along or add it to our notes, or if you'd like, I can add your dream to the list myself.

I doubt we can evacuate a whole planet -- I doubt that would even protect them from total harm, if this danger is closer than we'd like by now -- but we can at least give them time to prepare themselves for a possible invasion, wherever it comes from. A fighting chance.

Captains of the fleet... Make sure you have something planned for emergency action, too.

I like to hope not, but... we could be right in the middle of something ugly. Last thing we need is another raid.

And again -- if anyone has not gotten one yet, I can install a GPS feature on your network device, so that if you need to send your coordinates immediately, you can press a button and it'll be broadcast. Even if you're not sure where you are. It's not foolproof, but if you get into trouble, it's a really useful way to get aid to you quickly.

[If you need to find Sam, he is sitting at his desk aboard the Bloodsport, shifting through his notes on prior planets, quietly scribbling down whatever new information he receives; you may also find him later in the day at The Space Bar aboard the Iskaulit, stopping for a drink after a day down on the planet, trying to spread the word, too. If you happen to run into him on the planet, this is just about what he's doing -- trying to spread the warning, and even sharing dream descriptions from other fleet members, if they're offered to him.]

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