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Character Info


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SS Pathstone • Civilian - personnel support

NAME: Tekhetsio - Tek, Kett
AGE: 870~
RACE: Dragon (death element)
SEX: Hermaphrodite

HEIGHT: 5'9" (usually)
HAIR: Unnatural raven black
EYES: Lavender pink, pinpoint pupils, glowy

SEXUALITY: It depends

TRAITS: Selfish • beautiful • bored • controlling
LIKES: Food • shiny things • mind games • sunglasses
DISLIKES: Rules • stupidity • thunder • life magic

FAMILY: Eliminated

DOMAINS: Death, horror, toxins, disease, sorrow, shapeshifting

PINGS AS: Powerful, magical, death elemental, creature of fate

SENSES: Magic, death, poison, sorrow, unholiness/corruption, fate


Tek is ridiculously pretty. It really is absurd. His human form is one that he has worked on for years, and he doesn't attempt to make it look natural. His skin is pale and flawless, and he doesn't bother masking the unnatural violet-black of his hair or the cool pink of his irises. When his mask is properly in place, the only thing that mars it are the curled black lines tattooed at the corners of his eyes--and no matter how he shifts his form, those never change.

He is most often in his male form, but like all members of his bloodline, he can change sex (and gender appearance) in an instant--as well as mix-and-match features between them. With the shapeshifting branch of abilities as developed as they are, his male and female forms are both very distinct and highly-developed. His female form is curvy and feminine, with long hair that falls in waves, and he has mastered the ability to change the appearance of his clothes to match. In either form, he dresses in only the best, and tries to surround himself with other beautiful things.

His mask does break, however. Usually fragmenting in times of anger or distress, and occasionally lowering at will to surprise others, his unmasked human face is not nearly so beautiful. His skin washes out to a warmthless grey, ridges of bone wrinkle around his eyes and nose, and his teeth become needle-sharp. Other feathers, such as a forked tongue, elongated jaw, and black, venomous drool make the occasional appearance as well.

His true form is that of a large, hideous dragon--roughly the size of a three-story building, with features meant to look cadaverous and horrifying. He also has a grotesque half-form that combines features of both, though he only resorts to it when seriously pressed (or if confined space limits his options)


- SS Pathstone -
→ Captain
→ Personnel Support Augmentation
no personal upgrades


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→ General Info
Being a mothafuckin' dragon, Tek has a whole pile of crazyass powers, and reacts to certain things much differently than a human. I'll try to cover everything here in as much detail as I can, but I may forget things and this is kind of a giant wall of text, so feel free to drop me a line to ask about something specific!

In general, he is a conduit of death energy, but it's a very natural of-the-earth type of thing. He doesn't feel corrupted like a vampire or necromancer... though, it does tend to freak out most animals with healthy survival instincts. He also finds life/growth/nature energy pretty gross, as it opposes his. His aura tends to radiate pretty strongly to those who can pick up those things, since he doesn't usually bother to keep it in check. And he's very easy to communicate telepathically with, but has a resistance to more intrusive sorts of psychic contact. He's also better than humans at pretty much everything, has crazy death abilities, control over sadness and horror, is highly resistant to elemental damage, and can shapeshift like a pro. It's complicated.

→ Dragon Stuff
Their Purpose - Dragons are a race of guardian creatures that are arranged into ten very distinct bloodlines, created by the Goddess of Fate to help carry out her will on the world, guide and protect the godless race of mankind, and to tame the wild elemental energies. ...Tek, of course, has gone against most of this designed purpose, and that makes him a Very Bad Thing. He's very unpopular with most of his kind because of it.

Magical, Not Biological - Because of how they were created, dragons are caught in a strange place, sort of halfway between the magical and biological. By definition, they are considered animated sources and conduits of sacred worldstuff energy. They are more related to elementals than animal creatures, though they do follow them in much of their design. For example, they have respiratory and circulatory systems, but massive bloodloss and being unable to breathe are not immediate concerns for them, because of their magical natures. By rearranging their internal energies and drawing from different stores, they can go to great magical lengths to keep themselves from dying before it ever becomes a problem. The same goes for processes like eating and sleeping-- those sorts of things help their physical forms run smoothly, but they only occasionally become necessities. It all depends on how they rearrange their energy systems, and what else is going on at the time. It makes them very hard to kill, and also makes them fantastic sources of energy.

Enhanced Abilities - While in human form, dragons are still generally better than mortal creatures at many things. Even the least athletic dragon will still be stronger, tougher, have quicker reflexes, sharper senses, and even be smarter (depending on your definition) than most of the mortal population.

Healing and Death - Dragons are considered immortal creatures, even though they do age and can die. If something doesn't go out of its way to kill them, they will continue to grow in power and live indefinitely. Generally speaking, they have a much quicker resting rate of healing than mortal creatures, but most bloodlines lack burst-healing abilities. Most bloodlines (Tek's included) must shift forms in order to heal in a rush-- taking advantage of the instance of massively-rearranging energy to automatically patch wounds. If a dragon successfully shifts form, huge amounts of damage are healed, and they are almost always restored to a state considered 'stable.' Dragons of Tek's age also often shift forms automatically when they are dealt a life-threatening amount of damage, as long as they have enough energy for it, and enough time has gone by since their last shift. So, killing a dragon is often a matter of either killing them absolutely instantly (which is very difficult to do), or struggling through a dance of causing enough damage to draw them back and forth through forms, until they are finally worn down enough to be cornered in one form and killed. ...Death dragons can also conditionally resurrect, and Tek is on his last spare life.

→ The Five Paths
All dragons can control five paths of energy, the details of which change for each bloodline, and each individual trains in them to different extents. Whether they like it or not, they are all connected to and made up of all five paths, and cannot escape this fact.

Path of Fate - Mah-Ruhm
This is easily the most important path... and the one that Tek resents the most. Though his powers in this path are limited, he can still sense how many 'strings' of Fate that someone has attached to them. His sense of it is a tactile thing--it manifests for him like spiderwebs against his skin, and he needs to be very close to someone to pick it up. This usually gives him a sense of how old someone is, or how 'important' they have been. He can't sense the future very well, and though he may pick up isolated pings of more information, these are rare... since his fate-sense is generally underdeveloped.

Path of Self - Vas-Vehr
And, as is probably expected, Tek is most skilled in the path of Self. He has practiced extensively in this path, and it makes him a fantastic shapeshifter. His mask is highly tailored, and he can alter small aspects of it (the shape and makeup of his mouth/teeth/tongue for example) on the fly. Because of this prowess, his gender forms are well-developed and different from one another, he can mix and match between them, and can even store and change his clothing along with them. He also shifts quickly between forms, and has a decent hold over his own human mask... though it still tends to slip in moments of rage, weakness, and high stress.

Path of Kin - Kherohs
This is another path that Tek is rather stunted in, especially since he has spent time around a grand total of one dragon in all of the years since he has been pulled from his homeworld to go game-hopping. At this point, he can only sense the presences of other dragons, and can communicate mentally with them over moderate distances.

Path of Element - Tarahm
Tek's element is death, and he is formidable with his power over it. His aura can wilt, rot, and stunt the growth of things around him, as well as poison things with a touch. This is easier to with things that are already poisoned or sickened to begin with (i.e. increase the potency of alcohol, kill something that is already diseased, etc.). He also has the ability to refine this power to a pinpoint and release it in explosive bolt of lethal energy, which can instantly destroy the life of creatures that he is more powerful than, and severally weaken and damage those that he doesn't have the power to kill outright. This power is incredibly dangerous, but the energy that he needs to spend in order to use it is a considerable risk to himself. Dragons also come with a 'breath' ability, and his is a corrosive venom that eats through many substances, as well as weakening and burning flesh. With this acid spit, he can corrode the weapons and armor of his enemies, as well as cause hideous wounds. His mastery over death energy also grants him control over things that are full of this energy (namely, any undead creature) and immunity to any poison, acid, or death-powered ability.

Path of Mankind - Eheruhm
While this path applies to all mortal races to some degree, humans are the primary target. Tek can sense how 'human' someone is if he puts his mind to it, as well as being able to pick up the vague locations of mortal presences in the area. Like his fate-sense, he tends to keep this more or less tuned out so he can focus on his own thoughts, but this (combined with his ability to sense magical energy) does make him hard to sneak up on by most creatures. Also, each of the ten draconic bloodlines were granted control over certain mortal emotions, so he can sense and manipulate sorrow and horror in mortal creatures. He doesn't often use this power... but it's mostly because he forgets about it. It's only every once in a while that he thinks of a really clever or horrible way to use it, and the results are rarely pretty, and are never fair.


→ Permissions and OOC Contact
Tek is a creep, can be totally obnoxious, and tends to push his luck in every way. He's asking for trouble. Really, feel free to call his shit out or clobber him--he's a dick. I'd give a large blanket permission for everything, but his powers make things tricky, so it's best to run antagonistic things past me to make sure abilities mesh. And in the sex department, give it a shot! He can be a total slut in some instances, and extremely picky in others, so be forewarned that he's fickle. Also, I might ftb certain things! Please call ahead if you'd like to run things by me ahead of time~

Find me on plurk or reply here for plotting or thoughts of all kinds, even if it's over little things!

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